Frequently asked questions


Q. How do I become a member?

 A. When you first arrive at class, ask Pete or a senior student for the membership application form. You dont need to provide a passport-size photograph, just make sure you have read the form and understood all the conditions.

Q. How many classes am I expected to attend a week?

A. In order to reap the benefits of the training fully, you should attempt to come to one class a week, though it is understood that some people may have commitments making them not able to come often as they would like.

Q. How often do you have beginners' classes?

A. Their are beginners classes once a week and will last for an hour, the adults class will last for two hours, Take a look at the timetable/calender to see when classes are on and if there are any changes.


Q. What clothes should I wear to the class?

A. It is best to wear comfortable, loose clothing (tracksuits with a T-shirt or similar) and flat shoes. More suitable clothing ordered for you and can be purchased when available in your size. Please see our uniform page for more information.


Q. Why should I choose your club?

A. Our club is run by the best in bedford, the Instuctor is 3rd black belt and with years of experience in the Whirlwind Fist Kung Fu and in having studied other martial arts. The club is also unique in that all students treat each other as equals, no matter how advanced they are themselves in their training. There is no room for egos and we welcome all newcomers with the respect they deserve.


Q. How long does it take to become proficient in the arts?

A. Each student has his or her own pace. If you have the time to attend once a week and make sure that you continue training in your spare time at work or at home, you will progress much quicker. Bear in mind that attending classes is not the whole story. Your muscles and tendons should be warmed up and stretched as often as you are able to do so. Moreover, all forms you learn at class should be practiced over and over again, so they become second nature to you - only then, they become effective.


Q. Will I be able to defend myself or break a plank of wood after a few lessons?

A. Our martial arts concentrates its teachings on the well-being of the body and mind and the righteousness of the spirit. The attainment of peace within through the correct practise of the arts is more desirable than the need to show off any skills. We place high importance on the traditional aspect of the club with particular emphasis on respect for the arts and its masters.


Q. How many students in a class?

A. Typically, there are about 10-15 junior students in a class and about 5-10 adult students our classes are not that too big so everyone has a better chance to learn

Q. I'm old and feel past any training. Is it worth me even thinking about it?

A. Although WhirlWind Fist Kung Fu Kung Fu places high demands on your stamina, it is recommended that you definitely attend classes as these have been proven to be beneficial for all ages and will help you live a longer and more stress-free life. Our oldest students are adults and even after only one year of training kung fu you could be reaping the benefits by feeling and looking nearly half your age.