Joniors grade with Tags and Seniors grade with belts, here is a list of the Colour Belts and Tags in Grading order:



The Tags available:

white.gifwhite.gif 1st grade - white belt, white tag
white.gifyellow.gif 2nd grade - white belt, yellow tag


3rd grade - white belt, red tag
white.gifgreen.gif 4th grade - white belt, green tag
white.gifpurple.gif 5th grade - white belt, purple tag

6th grade - white belt, orange tag
white.gifblue.gif 7th grade - white belt, blue tag
white.gifbrown.gif 8th grade - white belt, brown tag
white.gifblack.gif 9th grade - white belt, black tag (jonior Blac

The Belts available:

white.gif 1st grade - white
yellow.gif 2nd grade - yellow


3rd grade -red
green.gif 4th grade -green
purple.gif 5th grade - purple

6th grade - orange
blue.gif 7th grade - blue
brown.gif 8th grade - brown
black.gif 9th grade - black