Our Grading Syllabus


For those who want to take their martial arts more seriously, we offer a grading system which helps our students grow from beginners to experienced martial artists.


The WhirlWind Fist Kung Fu Grading Syllabus from white to black tag/belt, is a step-by-step training guide which teaches our students beginners and more experienced martial arts including; forms, stances, techniques, self-defence practise any much more. We use our grading system to measure the quality and fitness required to achieve certain levels of mastery in martial arts.


The higher the belt, the more that is expected from our students, in terms of fitness and the level of knowledge needed. Achieveing a black-belt is no easy feat at our club, it will take years or training and determination.


We then expect our black belt students to start teaching our juniors to help the community progress and pass on our knowledge of one of the best forms of martial arts worldwide.