Our Rules and Policies:

At WhirlWind Fist we have a set list of rules and policies which must be adhered to at all times. These rules are set for the best interests of both our students and club, to ensure both a fun and competitive environment at WhirlWind Fist. 


a). Outside footwear must not be worn for training purposes.

b). Obey your instructors at all times.

c). Control and train your mind first, your spirit second and your body third

d). Do not use physical strength, learn to use the power of Ch'i.

e. Practice with feeling and exhilaration but practice hard and diligently.

f). Only use the arts when

i). You are in danger. 

ii). Every effort on your part to settle the matter peaceably has failed - even then use them as a last resort.


2. The instructors must be respected and obeyed at all times. On such occasions as the instructors are not able to attend, the highest grade will take over.

3. Jewellery, watches etc. must be removed before commencing training.

4. Any form of misbehaviour will not be tolerated and may lead to disciplinary action.

5. Training must be taken seriously. If a member is proved to be of bad character then he or she is liable to dismissal from the E.K.F.S. and from the dub.

6. Punctuality should be observed at all times. Any late arrivals must obtain permission from the instructor before they are allowed to join the session.

8. Personal hygiene, especially the length of finger nails, should be observed at all times.

9. All persons under the age of sixteen are classed as junior members.

10. Any skin infections must be reported immediately.

11. No student will be allowed to carry weapons AT ANY TIME unless prior consent is given.

12. All club fees are for two hour training sessions.

13. All injuries must be reported, in writing, to the Club Intructor or Director prior to training.

14. All grading fees must be paid to the Club Director at least two weeks before a grading.


We ask you kindly to please respect our rules and policies if you do decide to join us at WhirlWind Fist.