Basic Outfit:

Your first session with us? All you is a plain T-Shirt, track suit bottoms and a pair of trainers.

As we train using indoor facilities we ask you to please respect the hall we hire by not brining in muddy footwear. 


Official WhirlWind Fist kit:

Our offical WhirlWind Fist Kung Fu T-Shirt, black trousers, and black Plimsolls can be purchsed once you've become a member.*

Official WhirlWind Fist Kit

Also included the official WhirlWind Fist Kit package:

- White Belt

- Training Jacket

- Gum Shield


For senior students we reccomend brining along some protective gear such as; gloves, shin pads and a cup. These will be helpful during contact training, including various style of sparring and mass attack. 



*Please speak to Pete our head instructor if you would like to purchase our official kit package.