What is WhirlWind Fist Kung Fu?


  • Based on Wing Chun and Wushu, WhirlWind Fist Kung Fu is a complete fighting system. It incorporates both styles and fighting principles to suit every body type and personality, and has a defence to counter any attack.
  • It is a realistic self-defence system which has survived the tests of time. it does not rely on brute strength for its effectiveness.
  • We believe that Kung Fu is the best martial arts system that we have seen, which is why we teach it with the passion that we do.
  • The system is so good that many other famous styles have borrowed elements to make those styles more effective.
  • WhirlWind Fist Kung Fu exercises increase flexibility, improve lung capacity, strengthen the joints and increase bone density. There is much more to this style than fighting. It is a complete system for better health.