Why train with us?


  1. The real thing

    We teach the real thing.

  2. High standard instructors

    Our instructors continue to train, they improve and they learn constantly

  3. A broad understanding of Chinese martial arts

    Most of our instructors, whilst specialising in WhirlWind Fist, have also trained in other authentic styles of martial arts.

  4. Only you set the limit

    There is no limit to how far you can take your training, or how good you can get. You can take it as far as you want - as a means to stay in shape or as a path to becoming one of the best martial artists in the world.

  5. Martial arts and beyond

    Our instructors are not just martial artists; they are trained on an ongoing basis to have the highest standards of teaching.

  6. Genuinely well recognised

    Our Chief Instructor, Master Pete Surricchio has been bestowed the following titles and honours:

    • Official 3rd Degree Grade Examiner
    • Owner of WhirlWind Fist Kung Fu Club


  7. Unique opportunities

    Master Pete Surricchio continues to teach both students and Instructors alike, and all students are encouraged to train with Master Pete Surricchio.

  8. Well established

    The Style has been in existence and teaching in the Bedford since 1977. We have taught people from all sections of society, with some going on to become Instructors in their own right.